Beautiful Kerala
As the name implies we are the WELLKNOWN brand in tailor scissors in the southern states of India and in Pune, Mumbai, Delhi. We are the undisputed leaders in the scissor manufacture of South India. We are in this field for the last twenty years in manufacturing and marketing high quality high carbon steel tailor scissors. Our product is famous for its durability and precission.
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Mfg. of High Quality High Carbon Steel Tailor Scissors & Agricultural Implements
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  • High Carbon Steel Tailor Scissors
  • Black Powder Coated Tailor Scissors
  • Weight Less Black Powder Coated Specials
  • Brass Handle Tailor Scissors Ordinary (Nickel Plated)
  • Brass Handle Specials
  • 12" Special Cutting Tailor Scissors
  • 10.5" Special Cutting Tailor Scissors
  • Full Plated High Carbon Steel Tailor Scissors
  • 12" Weight less Full Steel Tailor Scissors